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Sic Bo’s proud heritage stretches all the way back to Ancient China, and the sophisticated gamblers of Canada have always enjoyed the game. The top-quality online versions that are available at the casinos we review here at will immerse you just as much as live games and will often reward you more. We want to help you have the best time possible when gambling online, which is why we’ve put some guidelines together for you here. Read through these before trying out the game for yourself.

This game is simple and elegant, so it’s easy to learn – but almost impossible to stop playing! It involves rolling 3 dice after betting on what the combination they display when they land will be. In traditional offline games this is done on a vibrating platform called a Dice Shaker, and the online Canadian casinos we’ve lined up replicate this perfectly with Random Number generation. There are so many possible outcomes that keeping track of all of them can be quite difficult, which is why most sites display them on clearly visible pay tables. To help get you familiar with your options, they’ve all been explained below:

  • Small and Big Bets: Sic Bo actually translates as Small Big, and the name probably comes from these wagers. The payout table has Small and Big areas, and the bets placed here pay out even money. A Small Bet is on the sum of the dice totalling a pre-set number from 4 to 10, except if a Three of a Kind – explained below is rolled. A Big Bet works in exactly the same way, for totals from 11 to 17
  • Three, Two or One of a Kind: Pre-set numbers appear on 3, 2 or 1 of the dice
  • Any Three of a Kind: Any number is seen on all 3 faces of the dice
  • Duo: 2 different pre-specified numbers appear on 2 dice faces
  • You can also bet on whether the dice total will be odd or even, once again with the exception of a Three of a Kind roll
TOP Sic Bo CasinosApril 2024
1 IE allowed5/5$800 CAD Play now
2 IE allowed4.9/5$1000 CAD Play now
3 IE allowed4.8/5$750 CAD Play now
4 IE allowed4.7/5$500 CAD Play now
5 IE allowed4.6/5150% up to $200 CAD Play now
6 IE allowed4.5/5$350 CAD Play now
7 IE allowed4.4/5$1600 CAD Play now

Online Sic Bo Strategy

You can’t control how the dice will fall, so this really is mostly a game of chance. The excitement it gives players comes from breathlessly waiting to see if the dice combination is what you were hoping for. Tactics do come in with regard to the bets that you place, and you’ll get to know what works best as you play more over time. There are lots of chatrooms and other online resources in Canada to get you started, and most of the sites we showcase here at also allow you to practice and polish your skills in a no-deposit free play mode. Take advantage of this, and put down your hard-earned cash when you feel more confident.

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The more you play this game the more you’ll appreciate it and the more you’ll want to play. You’ll also get better and better at it and win more and more. Start your Small Big gaming fun at the Canadian sites listed here and experience a world of online Roulette, Poker, Bacarrat, Sic Bo and much more!