Canadian Online Blackjack

Blackjack’s roots go back to the 1700s when a game called Ving-et-Un, which means Twenty-One in French, was played in noble houses across Europe. Today the game is still sometimes called Twenty-One and is as sophisticated as ever, but as enthusiasts all over the world will tell you it is far more accessible now.

Great versions available in several of the top-quality online casino sites we showcase here at, and to help you get the most when you play it we’ve put some guidelines together below. Check them out to get your Blackjack career started off on the right foot.

Discerning players will love the unique blend of strategy and chance that this game offers, along with its simple rules and complex outcomes. You’re playing with randomly dealt cards that can’t be controlled, but you can make shrewd betting decisions from the start and you’ll need to if you want to win.

At the start of each round, players are given 3 cards, as is the Dealer who represents the House. Number cards carry their face value, while Royal cards and Aces are worth 10 and 11 or 1 respectively. You need to try to get your hand total as close to 21 as you can without going higher.

Once everyone has seen their cards, bets are placed on the strength of the hand and you can then try to improve your total by drawing more cards. Dealers have to draw until their hand is worth at least 17, but everyone else can stand whenever they wish to. When everyone is happy with their cards, they are revealed.

Top Canadian Online Blackjack Casinos

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Winning Blackjack Online

If your hand is less than 21 you win if it’s higher than the Dealer’s and lose if it’s lower, while if both your and the Dealer’s hands exceed 21 the House wins. If your hands tie below 21 you get to keep your bet. A Natural Twenty-One or Natural Blackjack is a hand made up of a Face and an Ace card, and is the most rewarding hand in the game with a 3:2 return. It’s what every player hopes for!

Online Blackjack Strategy

The more you play Blackjack, the more you’ll get familiar with it and develop your own insights and style. To start with you should check out as many online forums, specific applications and advice websites online as possible, and you should always be careful not to stray too far from what they say. Even slight deviations from a solid game plan have been found to drop winning odds dramatically in the game of Twenty-One.

The hand you are dealt and the visible face card of the Dealer are all you’ll have to work with, so you should base your decisions on these. The odds of every situation can be calculated with this information alone, and you can find some great tables online to help you do it. It’s also possible to train yourself to count cards, but this takes some time to develop and you need to be patient with yourself.

Whatever you’re trying, take advantage of the free play mode that most sites offer to test out what you learn and develop your skills before making an online casino Visa deposit. Developing Blackjack skills is a lifelong adventure, and it just gets more rewarding over time. Start yours today.