Canadian Online Roulette

Roulette has always been a popular game, and the Little Wheel – as its name means in French – was first spun in the fine houses of the European aristocracy. The game is much less exclusive today, although no less refined, and has been popular in land-based casinos for many years. It has proven to be just as popular in the digital arena, and many of the sites we recommend here at offer excellent versions.

Our aim is to help you have fantastic experiences every time you gamble online. That’s why we list all the best digital casinos in Canada, and why we thought we needed to put down some guidelines to the most popular online games in the country. At the top of the list, of course, is Roulette!

Online or offline, the rules of the Little Wheel don’t really change. A ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel that has 37 or 38 slots, and gamblers need to place bets on which slot it will be in when the reel comes to rest. The slots are numbered, and those marked 1 to 36 are alternately coloured in red and black. The slot marked 0, and the extra slot marked 00 in the American version of the game, is green.

You can place all kinds of wagers, depending on how lucky you’re feeling at any given time. Money can be staked on the colour of the slot that the ball lands in, or on whether the slot will be odd or even. It’s also possible to bet on the ball landing in a panel within a certain number range, or in a single pre-specified slot. The more specific you are, the higher the odds and the risk – but the higher the rewards as well.

TOP Roulette CasinosMay 2024
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Playing Roulette Online

In land-based versions of the game, a croupier spins the reel and drops the ball. The sites we showcase here at recreate the effect with superb graphics and Random Number Generation, and some offer live dealer games as well for even more authenticity.

There are many advantages to playing Roulette online rather than offline. For starters, it’s much more convenient and a lot cheaper. You can play whenever and wherever best suits you, so your game time fits in easily with the rest of your busy daily life. With lower overheads online casinos can afford to accept lower bets, and you’ll avoid travel and other incidental costs as well. The online casino bonuses that gambling sites use to keep you from being lured away by their competition mean that you usually get paid out more in this arena as well.

For many enthusiasts, the biggest online advantage is the amount of resources at your fingertips and the practice opportunities. You can find a huge range of every kind of Roulette game, including American, French, Mini and European, and can refine your betting strategy with the help of chatrooms, dedicated advice websites and specific apps. With the no-deposit free play mode that most of the Canadian sites showcased here allow, you can apply what you learn and develop it immediately. Playing like this gives you a lot more insight into the game, which ultimately helps you to win a lot more money.

Play Online Roulette Now

The blend of instant action and shrewd betting decisions makes Roulette the first choice of thinking players all over the world, which is why it’s perfect for you! Check out some of the options at the sites listed here at now to see what we mean.