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Baccarat is a game with a long and proud history, and was first played centuries ago by Italian and then French aristocrats. Today it’s open to players all over the world, but is still as sophisticated as it ever was.

You can find top-class versions of the game at many of the sites we showcase here at, but we wanted to go even further to ensuring you enjoy yourself as much as possible. With that in mind we’ve put together a few game basics for you below.

You’ll find 3 versions of Baccarat in the online casinos of Canada, but Punto Banco is definitely the most common. This makes it a great place to get to know the game – once you understand what’s going on and have managed to refine your strategy a little, you can move on the other 2 versions. That’s why we’ve explained it here.

Punto Banco means Player Banker in Italian, and in every round of the game a Player and a Banker hand containing 2 cards is dealt. The number cards all carry their face value, while the Ace and Face cards are worth 1 and 0 respectively. The 2 cards in the hand are totalled and the 10 unit falls away, so that a 5 and a 9 will give a total of 4 rather than 14.

Before the cards are dealt, you need to place your bet on whether the Player hand will win, the Backer hand will win, or the hands will tie. If either hand totals 8 or 9, it is called a Natural and wins the round automatically. If the Player hand is 6 or 7 it stands, and if it is less than that then another card is dealt. The Banker hand also sometimes gets an extra card, but the rules governing when are a little more complicated and depend on whether the Player hand was dealt another card, what that card was, and several other factors. Luckily, it’s always the Dealer’s responsibility and the sites here at are programmed to automatically deal the cards whenever necessary.

If you have a winning bet on a Player hand you’ll get paid out 1:1, and will get the same with a Banker hand less 5% for commission. If you manage to win on a tie bet you’ll get an incredible 8:1 return, so many people think it’s worth playing for. Be careful though – the risk is as high as the rewards with a 14.1 house edge! Your game will always be exciting, but the choices you make depend on how much money you can safely lose and how lucky you’re feeling.

TOP Baccarat CasinosJuly 2024
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Develop Your Online Baccarat Strategy

The most strategic decisions you can make in any Baccarat game is on the bets you place, because the cards are dealt randomly and you have no control over them. There have always been plenty of tips and tactics to improve your winning chances, and the beauty of instant play casino games is how accessible they are.

You can check out online forums, guidelines and specific tools and apps and then apply whatever you learn immediately. The sites we showcase here at usually also allow you to play free for no deposit, so you can practice and polish your skills before placing real money bets. Test out your skills and start your Baccarat adventures today – you won’t look back!