Samsung watch Casino Games

The truth is that Canadian players are now able to start gambling by mean of the device on their wrists, and the next wave of online gambling is almost upon us! Although it is a very recent trend, upon us only since 2014, it is already gaining massive popularity, and forecasters predict that it will be the first choice in platforms as far as real money casino games go very soon, and your Samsung watch is your front-row ticket to the fun and real money wins!

Smartwatch Gambling for Canadians

The Samsung watch is still in its infancy, and developers are hard at work to develop games around the hardware obstacles they are presented with by means of them. The first of these is the most obvious: the very small screen size not only presents players with something new to get used to, but presents a particular set of challenges as far as the games are concerned as well. Luckily, this is what game developers around the world live for, and there are already games being debuted for this new platform which are all hitting the mark!

Smartwatch Features

A Samsung smartwatch has a touchscreen and is able to strap around your wrist, and presents owners with a number of different capabilities. Not only will they be able to tell you the time, you can connect to the internet; run various mobile applications; make and receive phone calls and send text messages!

Samsung watch applications are intuitive and simple, and they will eventually allow you to play any number of casino games; receive alerts as to game notifications; and access your winnings by means of them as well!

Smartwatch Canadian Casinos

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