Play Online Keno Canada

Keno in French is quine, which means five winning numbers.  But you Canadians should know this.  The Keno games is said to have originated in China and the proceeds actually went to building the Great Wall of China.  The Chinese used sheets with their characters, 1 through 80, from which the winning numbers were chosen.  When they travelled to the west to help build the first railroad they introduced Keno to the Texans who managed to turn it into a hugely popular gambling game by 1866.

Keno is a lottery type game, so the odds may be slim, but the fun is not.  Basically you choose between 1 and 20 numbers from a range of numbers from 1 through 80.  So you have a board on the online casino, showing 80 numbers, you pick your 20 numbers to wager on.

You don’t have to choose 20, but obviously, the greater your wager; the greater your win will be if you are lucky enough to hit all the spots.  Some Keno casino sites limit the bets, but you will know which one you like playing best from searching  The fun is definitely in picking the winning numbers because the rewards up for grabs are often plentiful and very lucrative.

The chance of ever getting all twenty numbers on a single ticket is about 1 in 3.5 quintillion.  But, you can also win big for hitting catches and hitting these can pay almost as much as when hitting the 20 spots. Keno online can be very rewarding and this instant win game is exactly that, one that could payout in an instant!

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Online Keno Casino Games Development

Keno used to be found in land based casinos only, but online casino developers realised that people who enjoyed gaming in the comfort of their own homes also wanted to get in on the action.

The online version of this fast-paced game works much the same as the land based casino game.  With the online version you have the added bonus of lovely graphics and sounds, and the numbers are drawn by means a random number generator instead of a big ball swirling numbers around.

To play Keno online you must choose the numbers you wish to wager on from the 80 numbers available, this will be your guess as to which numbers you think will be chosen.  The rules are extremely easy.  You see a board in front of you with 80 number, you pick the amount of numbers allowed by the online casino you are playing on, that you wish to wager on.

Some Keno casino sites let you pick 10 numbers; others give you the option of choosing up to 20.  You must finish betting before a draw, you will not be able to pick more numbers once the draw starts.

If the numbers you chose come up in the random draw, you will receive a payout based on your bet.  There are also many free Keno casino games to try out, giving you the chance to try exciting Keno games before you commit to making your paysafecard casino deposit.

Choose a casino recommended by and enjoy online Keno Canada the way it was meant to be played!